Lesys Crystalline Maltitol
Lesys®™ crystalline Maltitol’s good taste,
high sweetness, reduced calorie level,
non-cariogenicity and similarity to sugar
commend its use across a broad spectrum of
food, non-food and industrial applications.

Lesys®™ is widely used in No Added Sugar/Sugar
Free chocolate. As a disaccharide, it has a similar
taste profile to the sucrose it replaces and its
high sweetness, non-cooling taste and good
tolerance enable the chocolatier to produce a
high quality end product.

Lesys®™ enables the confectioner to make the
highest quality hard coating on chewing gum
and other confectionery forms. High sweetness,
good solubility and low hygroscopicity, together
with a process that is similar to that of sugar
coating, combine to produce the crunchiest and
most durable coating of all the polyols. For that
reason, Maltitol is generally recognised as the
gold standard of coating polyols.

Chewing Gum
High sweetness, dental benefits, solubility and good flavour release combine to make Lesys®™ an ideal sweetener in sugar-free chewing gum. It is often combined with other polyols to optimise the gum’s characteristics.


High sweetness, dental benefits, solubility and good flavour release combine to make Lesys®™ a useful ingredient in a variety of sugar free
confectionery forms.

Bakery & Cereal Bars
Lesys®™ crystalline Maltitol can be used in a
variety of sweet and savoury bakery and bar
forms to capitalise on its healthy and beneficial
characteristics. As it is similar to sugar in so
many ways, replacement is relatively straight
forward. However, as Maltitol does not participate
in the Maillard reaction, the resultant baked
goods will be less brown than the sugar standard.

Ice Cream
Dairy & Frozen Desserts
Lesys®™ crystalline Maltitol is used in a wide variety of dairy products from ice cream to cultured drinking yogurts where its combination of sugarlike
taste, high sweetness, similar molecular
weight to sucrose and solubility provide a range
of suitable characteristics for this application. It
has a freezing point depression similar to that of
sucrose which makes it an ideal ingredient with
which to manage final product texture.

Lesys®™ crystalline Maltitol is a versatile widely
approved high purity excipient which provides
both sweetness and bulk in a wide range of OTC,
pharma and nutraceutical product formulations.