Lesys Crystalline Maltitol Lesys Crystalline Maltitol

Sustainable Maltitol Production
Lesys™ Crystalline Maltitol is sustainably produced from a non-GM plant source, Tapioca, at MCLS’s dedicated state of the art plant in Thailand. MCLS management have focused attention on ensuring production is most efficient and leaves the smallest possible carbon footprint. Infact, the Thai Greenhouse Gas Management Organisation has awarded MCLS an Excellent Performance status. The cultivation of cassava (tapioca) requires far less water, fertilizer and agrochemicals than that of corn, so the emission of greenhouse gases from the cultivation of cassava is also less than corn.

Tapioca starch is enzymatically saccharified to a high maltose syrup and is then hydrogenated and separated into Maltitol syrup. After crystallisation and drying high purity Lesys™ is produced and packed into a variety of final packages and product grades.

Quality Management
Throughout the process, a quality management system is implemented conforming to strict Japanese quality control systems. The plant also has ISO9001 and FSSC 22000 certification and runs HACCP and GMP production protocols in production.
Lesys™ Crystalline Maltitol is both Kosher & Halal certified.