Lesys Crystalline Maltitol Lesys Crystalline Maltitol

Physio-Chemical Properties
The polyols all have different characteristics but, of all the polyols, the properties of Lesys™ Crystalline Maltitol are closest to those of sucrose. Both are anhydrous disaccharides and are close to each other in terms of sweetness, molecular weight, solubility, hygroscopicity, humectancy and cooling effect.

Lesys™ Crystalline Maltitol is available in a range of particle sizes to allow for flexible product formulation. Standard Lesys™ has a particle size of around 200 microns. New from MCLS is Lesys™FP grade with a smaller average particle size of around 35 microns which offers a finer texture.

Most polyols have a cooling effect in the mouth. In the case of Lesys™ Crystalline Maltitol, this is very mild. Lesys™ is similar to sucrose which makes it an ideal candidate for use in milk and dark chocolate, a product format in which most polyols struggle to duplicate a full sugar like taste.

Matrix of Polyols Properties
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